Luke West

Welcome to my website. I'm Luke and I'm a web developer. I have been employed full time to develop websites since January 2015. My skills have come a long way since starting my journey in web development. I still however, dedicate lots of time to learning new technologies, frameworks and languages and allow myself to build a bigger, more valuable skillset every day.

My skills can be split into two categories. Firstly, we have the designing aspect. This is what your customer will see when they visit your website. I work hard to ensure it catches the attention of the viewer and gets them interested in your product from the moment the screen loads. Ultimately though, I want you in control. I want your website to be tailored to your needs and preferences. I will send you draft copies of your gleaming new, bespoke website and let you decide what to keep, what to remove and what to add.

Alongside the design, there is what we developers call "the backend". This is all the stuff the user doesn't see, such as what happens in the background when a user clicks to send you a message or when the user sends you a payment. Setting this up and ensuring your website comes with top level security, speed and structure is something I'm very dedicated to offering.

You can see my happy clients so far and the work I have done for them in the portfolio section of this website. If you want a new website, want your website updating or want a feature adding to your website, make sure you send me a message today for a free quote.